How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
We endeavour to deliver your goods within 7 days of placing an order. However if you need your order to arrive faster, please let us know and we'll do our best!

How much will my delivery cost?
Shipping is calculated at checkout. Our standard rate is £3.95

What countries do you deliver to?
We can dispatch worldwide to any country. Please note different delivery charges may apply. Worldwide shipping rates are calculated at checkout.

Do I have to pay import duty on my order?
Any standard import duties you already pay on goods arriving from outside your country will still apply to LJMU clothing purchased from this website.

Will my products arrive at the same time?
Where possible, we try to deliver in one go. However if there is an unforseen shortage on a particular item, we will send out multiple shipments. You will not be charged for any additional shipping costs.

Can I contact someone about my order?
If you need to contact someone regarding your order please contact us via info@weekendlegend.co.uk

What happens if my order/package arrives damaged?
If your order is damaged please contact us and we will arrange for the return of the damaged items. Once these items have been processed at our warehouse, you have the option of either a refund or a replacement item. Our shipping and returns policy is here

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments by credit and debit card or Paypal.

How secure is it to use my credit/debit card with online payments?
All transactions are secure and encrypted.

What branding processes do you use to apply logos to garments?
We use several processes to apply logos to garments:

Embroidery- A logo or image is stitched on to a garment utilising an embroidery machine.

Transfer print- An image is printed on to a specially coated transfer paper. The printed paper is then placed face down on to the fabric, heat is applied and the image is transferred to the fabric.

Screen print- Most commonly used to print logos on to clothing, the logo is applied using a screen that has been stretched on to a frame and to which a stencil has been affixed. The ink passes through the screen and the stencil determines the image that is printed.